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My Voyager GTR 64GB Does NOT! please help


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Dear Corsair:


I bought a new sealed Flash Voyager GTR 64GB, and when I opened the package, and then plugged it in into my Laptop (Sony Vaio VPCZ12MGX / Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit), It did nothing at all, just a fast blinking blue Led at the tip of the drive, and windows cannot detect it.


I then searched the forum and found about the Firmware Update, I downloaded it since its suitable for both the 32GB and 64GB, after running the tool it came up with Error:


"Device not found, please insert the device"


I then tried on another desktop running Windows 7 32-Bit, and got the same behavior, Blue blinking led and Device not found.


Tried again on Windows XP Home Sp3, with the same thing.


I think I have received it (DOA) or Dead on Arrival, I paid much for it, because I needed the Speed in reading and writing, and now it does not even work at all.


Package was Sealed, and the drive has these numbers on the USB tip:



1301287514 - on one side



1166002 - on the second side


my UPC code is:


43591 00729


and the Model above the UPC Code is as follows:




Now what's worse in my case is:


after getting it in the mail, I had to fly to Kuwait at the same day, I work in Kuwait since 3 years, and I only tried it when I reached Kuwait.


What should I do? please tell me



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  • Corsair Employees
Your RMA was already approved and emailed to you I have resent the RMA conformation please check your email to get the drive replaced. Or you can contact the reseller since you just purchased it and see if they will replace it for you.
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thank you ram guy for replying, Yes, I just received your confirmation email after fumbling around my spam folder.


The Seller said that I must address you directly, so I did.


Package is on the way to you, but I'm so worried that I get another DOA item, can it be firstly QC'ed? also can you send a note along with my RMA'd device, to send me a drive from a different patch? to make sure it will continue to work as expected!


I value corsair brand, and do believe that you guys have the best products out there in the market, and also, surely this incident would not affect my loyalty to Corsair.


thank you again, but please confirm the above!

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dear Ram guy, can you please make sure that the technical team responsible for my RMA opens the replacement package and CHECK my drive before sending it?


I don't care to receive an opened packaging, as long as its confirmed to work.

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