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RMA Status??

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Case #: 2091892


I recently RMAed my HS1 USB headset a week and a half ago but according to the RMA status, Corsair has not yet received the 'defective parts' even though UPS confirmed that it had been delivered. The RMA was assigned on 6/14/2011. The package was shipped on 6/15/2011 and was delivered on 6/22/2011 to:


Attn: RMA Department

Corsair Inc. 46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538


So...I'm left wondering



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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but you would need to speak with our customer service, under the CONTACT Link on our web site you will find the phone number and I have sent them a message to conatct you.

However in most cases the RMA has already been processed just the system has not updated.

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