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could it be my PSU?


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I am having issues with freezing and BSODs, I have posted on other forums and almost everyone says its my power supply but I think its my video card's voltage regulation, The computer boots fine (at least the first boot up of the day) but a few minutes after boot up it will freeze. If I go straight into a game like World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 the computer works fine, but after exiting those programs it will freeze or I will get a BSOD stating the driver crashed.

now I have tested everything on the and Newegg RMA'd stuff so I could narrow down the issue, the only thing that did not get RMA'd by new egg was the PSU and the Video cards,


I think its the voltage regulation because the video card will drop from 1.06 to .94 and kinda go idle, but I want to make sure that the issue is not my PSU


I have an TX850 and my system only needs an 675watt to run, should I check my psu and if so how do I check it ?

thanks for your help

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