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Warranty RMA question


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I have two 1 gig sticks of Corsair memory. CM2X1024-6400C4. About a year ago I started having problems with the pair. Both sticks installed would fail to boot. If I just put in one stick by itself, everything was fine. If I put in the other stick by itself, system would not boot. So apparently one stick went bad. Anyway, I did the RMA thing and got a pair sent to me free. They just sat in my office until a couple of days ago when I decided to try them in a new build (different system than last time). Well I had the same exact problem. Both sticks installed failed to boot and tried one stick at a time and got a boot with one and no boot with the other. So I still have a bad stick. So now the question I have is if the RMA pair I received was the exact same bad pair I had sent in. Is there a chance something like this could happen or is this just a bad coincidence?


I'm doing the RMA thing again to get two more sticks sent to me. This time when I get them, I will test them right away instead of waiting a year.

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