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Force 3 RAID 0 in Macbook Pro


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I recently slapped in two Force 3 120GB SSDs (1123fw) into a 2010 15inch 2.66Ghz Macbook Pro (SATA II). Performance is pretty good for what I do (image analysis), but was wondering how others have configured RAID stripe size and what performance numbers you might be getting.


Using the Blackmagic DiskSpeedTest application I get 372MB/s reads and writes.


I'm trying to optimize performance for reading/writing about 20GB of 50MB files and am getting about 200MB/s with a 128kb stripe size in RAID 0.


Any ideas for increasing performance or comparable experiences?




I should comment that anyone interesting in a RAID array in the Macbook Pro, it was surprisingly easy. Pop in an Optibay, the two SSDs, restore a time machine backup from an external hard drive and I was up and running in less than 2 hours.

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