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Ax850 gold just ticking


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Everytime i plug in my power supply (AX-850) i blow my mother board. Now im thinking it could be 1 of 2 things.


1.My power supply is faulty. (when i bridge the green and black wires it just starts for half a second , ticks, and then turns off (i did have a fan plugged in)


2.Before i plugged it all in to my computer i sleeved my 24-pin connector.i was very careful to remove only one wire at a time and replace it before i moved on to the next cable. But i cant be sure ive haven't stuffed the wiring up. (yes in my mind i was dead set sure it was back the way it came from the factory)


whats should i do?


i'am willing to pay for everything (shipping/replacment parts) if it turns out that my stuff has caused the unit to stop working (if there is some way to check the psu with out using the 24 pin i could make sure its not the 24 pin.


please help

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