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One Possible Fix for Win7 Install for Force 3

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Ok I've successfully installed Win7 on my PC with a Force 3 120GB - S/N 1124.


The first install was successful. I needed to re-install Windows for another reason and I received an error saying "Drive could not be accessed."


So, I booted into windows with the standard HDD, and located the SSD in My Computer.

Insert Win7 CD, run as administrator, and then choose the SSD from the list of drives to install Win7 to in Setup.


Now if the HDD is not the Primary drive, when Win7 Setup restarts, your PC you will run into the same error above.

No worries, just reset your PC, going into the BIOS and make the standard HDD Primary and boot into Windows normally.


The installation should resume and finish successfully. Then switch the SSD back to Primary and enjoy.


I understand this may not cover everyone's issue, but it helped my installation issue.

I'm only a member trying to help others.

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