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Correct distribution on my 1000HX


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Hello, I have realised that I might not correctly understand how the rails and cables correspond in my 1000HX. I have never used this PSU in a full load condition so it has never been an issue. What I mean is I never used it for more than one gpu so I only used the hard wired pci-e connectors, but I have used it to power a GX-2(I guess this is technically 2 gpu's),which as we all know uses two pci-e cables. So I ask are both of the hard wired cables on one rail and all four of the blue modular pci-e connectors on another rail? Should I be using one of the hard wired and one of the modular when I use my GX-2. This PSU has been so trouble free I think I get another as I want to fold on some cards in the 580/590 class.
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