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SSD drive thickness (Force 115GB)


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How come drive thickness isn't specified in the corsair documentation for ssd drives? (like it is for the intel ones)


Specifically, I'm wondering about the Force CSSD-F115GB2-BRKT-A 2.5" 115GB. What is the drive height for this drive in mm, e.g. is it 7mm ? 9.5mm ?



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I own a Corsair Force F115 and it's 7.5 to 8mm in thickness - 11mm if you include the 3.5" bracket


Hope this helps

excellent, yes that is very helpful. What I did was I looked through a bunch of stuff and found that 9.5mm appeared to be the standard size, so I figured that if it didn't list the size it probably wasn't any larger than the standard. I didn't really find in general anyone complaining about corsair ssd size either. I also found some sites listing the 3 series as 9.5mm, so all in all I thought I had some pretty good circumstantial evidence that at least it wasn't weirdly sized, until you came along and provided the exact stuff =)
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