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new batch force 3

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well i just spent all day on this trying to install windows.i've tried all suggestions.the only way it will work is on my raided intel controller ich10r.then it only gives half the rated speed so i think this is going to have to be sent back.Another unhappy customer.it just will not work on my marvell sata3 controller.it seems this problem has not been sorted out at all after being assured it was.the new drive is batch 1124 by the way
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Hello vectisitch,


I'm going to hijack your thread if you don't mind, as I think it is the most appropriate one to post in. If you or a mod is not OK with me hijacking the thread I will create my own.


I got my replacement drive on Friday 24th (it's a 1124xxxxx). I put it through light load (except for installation) and - after 18 hours (11 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 2) - thought I'll see what'll happen if I stress it a little.


Below are the results from several Benchmarks.

[P67 B3 MB, AHCI Mode @ Intel Sata3 Ports, Intel RST]


I've started light work and gaming, so far no problems.


(IOMeter settings)




12h of work and 2h of DNF, still no problems. Longest running period is still the 11h install.


Some notes that may be of interest to others:

- PCH voltage unchanged (haven't even seen an option for that)

- using SATA3 cable packaged with the MB, 18" long





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