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Can 2 nos of AX 1200W PSU give power to 8 graphics cards & others?


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I tired other methods & site not working properly, so writing here.



All sites not showing SUBMIT button in IE, CHROME...



I want to power 8 graphic cards with MSI Big Bang Mother board. Graphics cards mostly R5870 Lightning & R6970 Lightning. I also need to power the mother board 24 ATX connector & also connect CPU with 1,2 or 4 nos of 4 pin CPU connector. Also i need to over clock the graphics cards up to max it can with stand with out freezing in both Windows & Linux. I saw in AMD's certified PSU list that your Corsair AX 1200W will able to connect 4 nos of 5870 cards with one PSU. I already bought 3 nos. of Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W PSU to connect , Its not mentioned in AMD site that it supports 4 nos of 5870 or 6970 cards per PSU, i emailed & cooler master confirmed that it WILL work, but it just starts the pc & even a slight increase in load by adding fans to cool graphic cards result in pc crash & restarts.

Before i buy & see failure, i want to get confirmation from you, Corsair that your ONE number of AX 1200W PSU can able to power 4 nos of 5870 or 4 nos. of 6970 besides powering CPU, Mother Board, 3-4 120 mm fans & also allow over clocking.


Will it? Mother Board is MSI Big Bang Marshal or less, CPU- Core i5-2400- 3.1Ghz-2nd generation- LGA1155, graphics cards 5870 or 6970 only. Totally 8 graphics cards for 2 PSU. I won't overclock CPU, only overclock GPU.


Will your Corsair AX 1200W can able to power the above configuration by using 2 PSU's?


Also, you have any other higher watts PSU?


Thank you,


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The links aren't working because they're not meant to be opened in a separate page. I'd be more concerned about how to turn on the 2nd power PSU. Also, why 8 graphic cards?


No, 1200W is the biggest they currently make.

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