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Force 3 120GB Win7 Allocation and Other Issues.

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I have a Force 3 drive that I just bought with S/N 1124.


111GB is available before Win7 Ultimate install.


Only 76.6GB is available after Win7 install, that's a 34.4GB loss!!!:confused:

I uninstalled and installed Win7 again. Same result.

This makes buying a 120GB SDD a bad decision.


I've had other SSDs with Win7 only used 1/3 of the space the Force 3 does.


I also got one BSOD, with a single line error. PC froze for 2 minutes then crashed.


Any solutions? Need to RMA? Please answer all issues, WIn7 allocation most important.

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Ok we're on to something, I got about 12GB back so far. Still looking for another 10GB.




I also had to reduce my Virtual Memory. Found the other 12GB. I have 16GB of RAM so the OS compensated for it.

Now I'm over 100GB, and now have the standard size of 10GB Win7 install.


To regain SSD Space: (maybe this will help someone else)

Turn off hibernation

Turn off or only use 1.12GB for System Restore

Reduce Virtual memory to 1000min. and 2000max.


Thanks again Toasted.


I hope the SSD doesn't BSOD again, but everything is running fine on 1124.

551 read / 514 write with ATTO.

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Ok the Win7 issue is resolved, thanks to Toasted.




When I turned on my PC today, 5 mins. into Windows, everything froze for about 2-3 minutes and a full BSOD this time.

Restarted, now using the PC with no issues so far.


I will try the CMOS method when I'm done with my session, but if the problem persists after that, should I RMA?

I don't need the drive freezing up when I'm in the middle of an important task.

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