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Request RMA No response


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I attempted to request an RMA on my HS1 USB Headset.


After 24 hours, I have received no response and no confirmation in my email inbox. I submitted the request twice just to make sure.


The website tells me corsair will contact me within in 24 hours, but it appears the system isn't even sending me an automatic confirmation. I've checked my spam folder to be sure, there's nothing there.


Unfortunately I've owned my headset for less than 6 months right now and the right speaker just quit working. I'm not abusive with my headphones, don't bang them, always handle with care. I tested my head headphones on two different computers, one with Corsair drivers installed and one without.


I want to add that the mic seems to pick up too much background noise (My voice is still clear, usually), so I can't do things like voice activation in ventrillo. I suspect the mic problem to be a drivers issue.


And I can't get the drivers to work without disabling driver signature enforcement upon boot up (Have to do it every time.) I use Windows 7, 64 bit edition.


Hopefully I'm not making this thread too broad, these are just the issues I'm having with the headset. :)

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