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Force 3 120 GB issue


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I am not sure whether I should be posting in this thread or to start another one. Please advise though if I need to start a new thread.


I purchased a brand new CSSD-F120GB3-BK this week and installed it into my (otherwise perfectly functioning for a year) PC. Ever since installing it I have been getting the following message (over a black screen) - several times even just today:


Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device


The only way I can re-start my PC is to turn off the power and do a cold reboot. I thought the PC was the problem but I went back to my old X64 Corsair drive without any problems.


I note, however, that my new Corsair drive starts with the number "1124", which is meant to mean it is OK. Could I just ask are Corsair absolutely 100% positive that any drive number above 1122 is OK? These messages started only after installing this new drive and to be quite honest the PC is now impossible to use with these messages intervening all the time requiring constant cold reboots.


My system:


Core i7 950

6 GB Corsair triple channel RAM


Corsair 850 watt PSU

Asus P6TSE mainboard


Win 7 64 bit

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I raised an issue with my Force 120 GB on these forums which has not been answered by Corsair technical support. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated that since buying this drive it has been "lost" to my system about 8 times over the last week, necessitating (as per the above posts), unplugging and waiting a few minutes before cold rebooting. And I am not happy that my post has not been responded to either, whilst others who have posted after me have been answered by technical support.


At the very least, what I would like to know is that for those with the higher serial numbers (1123 and above) who are still having problems, should we be RMAing these drives or waiting for a firmware fix? Obviously an RMA is going to be pretty difficult when all I can say is that the problems strike randomly - the supplier could test it for three days and it might be behave perfectly, just as it has the last three days with me (yet it has gone bad again tonight).

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Thanks for the response, but that advise so far as I know only applies to those drives with batch numbers of 1122 and below. My question specifically applies to the later drives (1123 and above) which are supposedly unaffected (the distributer in my country took a while to get mine in stock presumably because it is one of the new batches).


And again, whilst I appreciate the response, I need to hear back from a Corsair employee. I have waisted an enormous amount of time and have lost a lot of work and productivity (not to mention used up product activations) on account of the problems with these Force 3 drives.


My overridding preference would be not only to return my drive to the place of purchase, but to get a full refund so I can buy a different brand. This would obviously requre the approval of the Corsair distributer and that would be some sort of arrangement between Corsair and the distributer, not me and the retailer.


To be honest, I do not have the time to muck around with this problem any more and I (and I am sure others) don't want to wait for around for more "solutions".

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I am running into the same problem. I flash the CMOS though rather then waiting for the system to discharge. I keep coming home to that screen though, not too pumped about it. Maybe I will just have to shut the system down while I am at work for now? Any steps to try would be appreciated.
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