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GPU & PSU wont work together


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HI Guy's


I'm hoping someone here can help me.


I've just bought myself a Corsair TX650v2 to replace my Zalman 400w psu but for some reason when i plug the Corsair into the ATI 6790 i can't see anything on the screen.The PC runs like it should,the hdd's start working and the fans kick in but nothing on the screen.As soon as i plug the Zalman back the card works like normal.

I have tested with a Gigabyte 550GT PSU / a generic 200\300w PSU and a corsair TX 750 and the card will display like normal.

I've been back to the suppliers with the psu and gpu where they tested using a coolermaster 1000w psu and another TX650v2 and the card displayed nothing again.

They say the card has an intermittent problem.


I have had this card for a month and it has never once stopped displaying anything

until i plugged in the TX 650v2 but as i said when i plug back the Zalman psu it works like it should.


The main problem is that the supplier wont take the psu back because it works(just not with my card) and i'm worried that if i send the card in they will test it and it will work fine for them.


Does anyone know of anything i could try that might get the GPU and PSU working together?



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If the system worked with a 400w PS, there is certainly enough juice with the 650w. The power supply doesn't know, or care, what type of video card you have in your system. It doesn't detect any info from the parts its supporting; it just meets voltage/current demands.


Your problem sounds like a loose power connector on the video card. I'd say gently wiggle the connector while the system is booting, but I'm unsure what -- if any -- damage could occur by applying power to the video card mid boot. Its possible that it works with the Zalman due to manufacturing tolerances. The plug itself may be a mil larger...

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Just to make sure,i used my friends media PC and his Gaming rig as well,with the Corsair and GPU and nothing but as soon as i plugged in the PSU from each PC then the PC's booted up like it should.If i took out the GPU but left my PSU the PC would boot fine.

Right now i'm on my PC with the Corsair but am using my old 4770 so i can at least use my PC.


I've also messed with the two 6 pin connectors,trying just about everything except connecting just after post would happen.

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Have you spoke the Video Card manufacturer and see what they have to suggest? But if the system works with another Video card I would suspect some compatibility with the MB and GPU so please check with the Card maker and see what they have to say.
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