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F60 query


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i now have the F60 (raised a different query before) installed with W7 x64 and ahci enabled in bios. got the bsod, tried googling what it was but none of the showed other than the first 0x0000007a - didn't note the error message.

i've just bought this second hand pc trying to get this damn ssd to work (couldn't for the life of me in my amd rig).

Q1. does ahci simply have to be enabled, only the pc seems to run more consistently (for now at least). will trim work only with ahci enabled?


if the system runs stable without it (ie. dredded vista on other hdd), could it be that i've just got a dodgy one - in your experience does this happen often?


cheers very muchly expert people


the second hand pc is quite a high spec quad core owned by an old man, so don't believe anything else is at fault, he wasn't an o/c'r

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