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Does this VOID the warrenty


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Even if the original owner RMA's it for me? corsair would have to honour the request by him.


Anyway, all i want to know is if that sticker voides it


Tech support cannot make that call. The unit would have to be sent in for inspection by the RMA department as it is their decision to be made AFTER inspecting the unit.

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from the pictures it looks like perhaps the sticker became abit warn and lifted.


as you can see half the screw is untouched in the picture which indicates it wasn't unscrewed otherwise the sticker would of been chewed to bits and i can't see any pressure marks on the other half of the screw.


it's still alittle iffy and final decison would come down to the RA department.


i would accept that as a warranty return but sometimes pictures aren't enough to make a decison an inspection would be required.

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