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800d new sata 3 backplane power issues


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A: What kind of SATA power cable should be powering the hot swap bay?

B: I have two SATA power cables that have four SATA power connectors in series on the same cable. If i plug this into the hot swap back plane, am I able to plug another SATA device, such as an optical drive, with it, or should I power the optical drive with a different cable?


I have the newest version 800D. The backplane is sata3, but unlike the previous sata3 backplane, mine only has one power connector. This was changes by Corsair because of the issues with connecting sata power to all 4 hotswaps, however I fear multiple hdds would be underpowered with just one cable... I would think this couldnt be the case because why would Corsair design a backplane with such an obvious flaw?


P.S. This problem was fixed by removing one of the hdds from the hotswap bay.

P.P.S. Should I be using the Intel or Marvell sata controers, or does it matter?

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You have to look at the load of each drive and why we provide 2 or four connections to the hot swap. HDD's can use about 30-50 watts per drive and if for example you have 4 10K HDD's it would have to be split over at least 2 connections from the PSU.
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