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No contact or further information


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Edit: Read previous posts and found found contact info posted by RAM GUY, called and they will be shipping out new headset to my current address as previous one was shipped out to old address with no confirmation. Pro Tip read threads before posting Sorry



Hi I sent in my headset in May after it broke, on Jun 4th I received an email that they received it and should be contacting me shortly. Never received an email or a phone call and I still don't know whats going on.......



1993792 is case number

RMA number 1222697


I need to be contacted as I don't know what address I put down due to moving recently. I have absolutely no idea how to get in contact with you guys either because I don't see a phone number or any other contact information which doesn't lead to another RMA.


I just want my headset back :(

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