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blinking light of death followed by burn


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I purchased my flash voyager GTR 32G a couple of months ago here in Norway was was pleased with the speed etc of it. However when I tried to use it recently when visiting my parents in the UK it wouldn't work. I just assumed it was their computer and thought nothing of it. When I tried to use it again tonight I got nothing but a blue blinking light. I saw on the forums that this has happened a lot so I downloaded the firmware. This software couldn't detect my device so eventually I quit and write this thread.


However as I pulled out the stick to get the exact model name on the side I found out the stick has super heated itself to a point it is almost uncomfortable to touch and the metal parts are actually slightly painful and there is a hint of a burning smell coming from it. So I am guessing I will have to return it for a replacement but this leaves still two questions.


a) How do I return this? Do I send it directly to corsair or go via the store? I ask because not only am I based in Norway but the store I used is technically in bankruptcy right now although they are still trading. The idea of me turning over my dead stick to them in the hopes a new one will come is not thrilling.


b) how do I stop it happening again?

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