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Moving to Australia from USA, need a new power cable?


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Just moved to Australia. Only computer part that I brought to sydney is the AX850.


Now, after reading a few threads and FAQ on the Corsair website, seems that i have two options.


Before I go ahead and blow up my mobo. I would like some suggestions or confirmation from the tech-expert out here.


1. change the power cable and the PSU is good to go.( safest bet but may take a while)


2. buy a US to Australia adaptor and you MAY BE ok.(No one has ever confirmed over this. original quote on Corsair website only states that the PSU will be working fine but you need to get a local power cable)


Has any one tried with option 2? The only thing warrants using the adaptor is that, the main power cable has a sticker on it says: 125V, 13A, where in Australia, it's 240V?


Thanks for your response!

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Our PSU's are auto switching all you need is the right cable when you should be able to get at any local computer store and you want one rated at at least 10 Amps.


thanks Ram Guy, but would it be ok to use the original cable but in an adaptor?

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