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A very sad day

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The first faulty HX1000 I had was causing random reboots and then the frequency of these reboots kept increasing to the point where I would no longer be able to even boot into windows. This was with all components running at stock speeds to make sure that it was actually the PSU.


So then I RMA'd the unit and I recently received my HX1000 replacement unit in the mail just last Wednesday (June 15, 2011) and everything have been running great until today....


Today, the random reboot problem started occurring again. It first starts off during gaming whenever both my graphics cards are under load. And then the problems started occurring with just one graphic card under load (SLI disabled) and now Im getting random reboots whenever the CPU is under any kind of load due to normal usage (web browsing)


I am not a hardware newbie and I realize that reboots could be due to unstable overclocks or faulty GPUs as well. But its rather strange that my system was running perfectly with all identical settings up until today. Also I am well aware that systems reboot on their own when a critical termperature is reached but all my components (CPU, mother NB, mosfet, GPU1, GPU2) are all water cooled with constant temperature monitoring.


I have set all my settings back to stock (once again) and now still the PC reboots whenever a GPU or the CPU is under load. And once again I tested my system with my spare Corsair TX750 and everything runs fine.


I have unfortunately concluded that this replacement HX1000 unit is faulty just like the first unit.


I am really saddened by this because it costs me ~$20 every time I ship a PSU to Corsair. I really hope I dont have to keep RMAing PSU after PSU because these shipping costs will keep adding up

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  • Corsair Employees

We will take care of the shipping but having that many PSU go bad would suggest some other problem, can you test the system with another PSU or test this PSU in another system?

All you need to do in contact our customer service with your Previous RMA# and they will take care of you.

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Ive tested my system with a Corsair TX750 and as usual everything runs perfectly with the TX750. Ive owned the TX750 for about 1.5 years and til this day, it still has never failed


I was running my second GPU on the HX1000 using the second rail. The power supply worked perfectly for 6 days straight and then yesterday it randomly decided to show the exact same symptoms as the previous HX1000 that I had sent out for RMA

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