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800D Problems


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I got some problems with my new Corsair 800D

The first one is that.


The side panel with the window is not closing properly

The button sticks inside the case when closing the panel.


Also one of the Host-Swap bays does not close properly even

with little force it opens up.


Last but not least i got some 120mm fans on top which if i tighten the screws

Hit each other what causes a collision between the fan blade and the fan "holder".


I think i need a new case but i don't now and also i can corsair first ship the new product in and then i will send you the broken one because i really need to system also i live in the Netherlands and i already made an RMA.


All my corsiar hardware broke.

My h50 leaked

My power supply went dead

And now my case

I hope anyone can help me.


So are there anny parts availible?


Thanks :)

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