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problems with my HX1000W


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I have 2 EVGA 480FTW Hydro coppers (stock speeds) video cards along with a 980x @ 4.5Ghz, and watercooled.... something the HX1000W should eaisly handle (and has handled for 10 months now).


I am having issues crashing that cropped up out of nowhere. So I begun to debug using FurMark as my test case (I use 10min as passing, much quicker at finding problems then any game)

-Run GPU #1 (non sli), no crashes, 12V 11.7-11.8

-Run GPU #2 (non sli), no crashes, 12V 11.7-11.8 (similar to previous case)

-Run both in Sli, it crashes within 1 minute, 12V drops down to 11.3-11.6 (settles on 11.3 then crashes... sometimes instant, sometimes after a few seconds).


So, both gpu's work individually, but not when SLi'd. This had worked flawlessly for nearly 10 months. But not anymore, it BSOD's in just about any game (left 4 dead 2 for example). I've gone through many lengths to solve the issue... I have tried easing my cpu overclock speeds, turning off all fans, etc... but the issue persists and is consistent (doing those things seemed to have little effect on the 12V drop).


I have put an RMA in... hopefully corsair is quick about it

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So if I understand this correctly, what you had me do was putting the mobo+cpu on Rail 1, gpu 1&2+ accessories on Rail 2


in any case, the same thing occurs... instant restart.


I did put a RMA in: Tech Support Express Case [2105098]


can you please move this along? I would like to get this resolved asap.


edit: just to note, at one point it would run for about 30sec before crashing, now it is instant no matter what i do

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