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650D - ssd in 3.5 bay. Am I supposed to remove a pin?


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You can also put your SSD on the back and then turn hard drive trays upside down when you put it back in the box. Then can you have a harddrive in the same drive tray :)


I wonder if the heat dispensing from the big harddrive will affect the SSD if using in the same drive tray (probably not much).


I bought one of these instead, more space in da trays ;)



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Oh ok thanks Secutor. I'll give that a try


And ElecTrix...hmm...that seems like a good idea. The slot I'm using is for my video card so I could use something like that.


I thought it was perfect to separate the SSD's from the storage-HDD's (3.5"). Four 2.5"-slots is also future-proof if and when fixing a raid0 of ssd's :)

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