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Problems of noise with the AX1200


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I already did a RMA but I still waiting for a answer. I'm curious to know if its normal to hear from the PSU a noise that sound like a vaccum. Of course isn't loud like a real one but when I turn on my PC, I only hear this in my room.

I read many talked about the noise with this unit and the probleme look like to be from most of them.

I don't know what will happen with the RMA but where I bought, if I want return it, Ill lose 15% of the price just because of this annoying thing. You think it will be possible to change for a new unit from you(Corsair).


Last question, how much time I have to wait for a answer from the RMA?


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Ok I found that when I stop the fan with my finger instanly I can hear the pitch noise that continue. The noise only stop when I stop the fan slowly until it stop completely, It look like something that make the fan spin make the noise! I just took off the fan grill to try it.

I want know if I can control the fan of the PSU because it spin to max even I'm on idle, after that I can't understand why I should pay for shipping when Its not my fault if something is wrong with your product. If I send to you, Ill not able to be reimburse from where I bought...''DirectCanada'' . You can't reimburse I guess? Exemple; if I want the HX1050watts for trade with the ax1200 you can't do it?


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I am sorry but out IT has blocked Flash players and I cannot view the Video

But if the case is closed can you hear the sound over the other fan noise in your system?

Thx to answer me


Saddly yes, even if I go away from my PC(5m) I can hear it. The video is

a video of youtube, I'm supprise you can't watch it.

The only time I don't

hear it is when I have music movie etc. Anyway if you have the chance to

watch it, the dude have the same noise than me.He compared to the hx850 and its the night & day! Also its don't change if

I play a game or not(idle), its always at the same level of noise, no more no less, weird I should say.

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