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F3 120 GB (RAID 0) - Drive Failed - Error occurred(0) - Working Okay Now


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Well I got my replacements for the F3 128GB Friday 17t, put them in a RAID 0 and installed windows, all fine, and speedy. Installed on the ICH10R raid system, ya ya fake raid, it works fine.


Well this morning (Sunday 19th) I was surfing along and my music started stuttering and the computer rebooted. When it came back up the RAID manager said:


Error occurred(0) by one of my F3 SSD's like so:




Then, oddly enough, "windows did not shot down correctly" thing came up, which I thought was odd if 1 drive failed, so I booted into safe mode, and all was okay. Shut it down, booted back into normal windows 7 (x64) and took a gander at RST (lastest version BTW released 5/22/2011 me thinks)


and I saw these by the drive in question:






So all looked well, did a little googling, and others just say hit reset the drive and continue having a nice day, so I did just that. It happened about an hour ago, but wanted to document it in these early beta times (as it would seem) with these brand new products hot off the manufacturing presses as it would be.



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Well it happened, again, and again, and again. Corsair, are you SURE you fixed it? I do have the new version.


It's dropped out of RAID 0 like this three more times TODAY (6/21/2011)


Everything gets really slow, then locks up, very top of the screen goes crazy, then reboots. I reboot and it will say one of the drives failed. It keeps booting, then says, "Enter bootable material" or something like that. Reboot, same thing. Turn off. turn on. same thing. Turn off, wait 5 minutes, turn on, Booting into window safe mode. Some variation of that.


Sorry for the crappy photo, you do what you can when it's fast and a cell phone. Though it IS different than the first photo from my post above. The drive with the serial number ending in 777 "failed" in the first photo and in this photo the first drive is totally missing.





Yes and you can see from a previous RAID dropping out, my RAID 5 is rebuilding. If it can get a chance before it dies again.



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