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Putting bay drive covers back ON the 800D


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Hi MM, I'm not sure why you are having such a problem with taking those covers off. Basically they should just slide right out. i have had all of mine out for a while not but it was never an issue taking them out. Actually I can't remember exactly what I did now but there are a couple of things you can try. I don't think there were any screws holding them in but the sliders on the open side of the case in those bays might need to be, well, slid. If you have had your case since they first came out then the sliders could be faulty as mine were when I first bought the case and Corsair was nice enough to send me some new ones. The case is "toolless" hence the sliders to lock in the devices you are installing to the front drive bays. Anyway, basically all you really should have to do unless I am mistaken it maybe put your hand inside of the case behind the cover and push until you get a little bit of it out enough to put your other hand on it and pull while perhaps using any free fingers on both hands to push in towards the center of the side of the cover. I hope that helps but if all else fails, call Corsair.
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