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H70 broken screw


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I already tried to raise a RMA Ticket via the tech support form a week ago, but no reply yet and i did not note the case number.


a screw broke when installing an H70 on a Socket 1155. Due to this, also the backplate got damaged while trying to remove the wrecked screw.


All other parts seem to be fine. Please send a new backplate, screw and this little metal part shown on the screen next to the screw to my address in switzerland. i would really love to be able to install the H70 and remove the CNPS10X Backup.


I have another H70 running in my system and a H50 in the rig of my gf and there the screws were all fine...


If you need more pictures, please let me know. Please PM me for the address. If you need money for the shipping i can provide paypal and a creditcard...


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i have now two cases open.

I replied to this: "Responding to Message Regarding Case #2079705"

with my address.


second one is this: 2109563


Can you verify which parts i get send for replacement?

Intel backplate, screw and this silver metal thing?

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Your confirmation # is 1239214. Please allow 1-2 business days for your shipment to originate.


so my case is working already. sorry for the late reply.. have been quite busy..

as mentioned above, it seems that i have now two tickets open for the same request.

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