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Water cooled 650D (in progress)

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Here are photos of my water cooled rig. First attempt at it, but did a lot of research. Nothing special, wanted to try out water cooling on my old computer in case I screw up and pump water all over my motherboard... luckily this didn't happen, so I'll build an Ivy bridge setup when the time comes.


The 650D is a great case for me, just the right height to fit in my desk... which might become an issue. I'll just post pics and ask questions after :)


Case: Corsair 650D-1

Pump: Danger Den DD-CPX Pro

Rad1: Koolance 1x120 30 fpi

Rad2: Koolance 2x140 30 fpi

Reservoir: Bitspower 5.25" Bay Reservoir POM Version - Black

CPU Block: Alphacool NexXxoS X2 Bold Highflow Socket 775 (not impressed but it was free)

GPU Block: Koolance VID-AR587T2 (Radeon HD 5870, "Type 2")

Fans: XIGMATEK Cooling System Crystal Series CLF-F1452 140mm Red LED Case Fan

Fan: Cooler Master 120mm Red LED Case Fan

Tubing: Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 1/2" ID (3/4"OD) Anti-Kink Tubing - UV Red

Fittings: XSPC G1/4" to* 1/2" ID 3/4" OD

Liquid: PrimoChill Ice Water Cooling Coolant- UV Red (32oz.)




Yay new case finally...



how will I manage all the cables!?



slid cables through gap near top of drive bay



back of case with cables



best power supply ever installed



xigmatec 140mm red led crystal fans being put in



How SSD fits in hard drive holder, fingers over non corsair brand :( next rig will have one though ;)




getting ready to fill



all done, testing swappable bay... success



lights out



lights out cover off



Front 200mm fan makes more noise than anything else in the case. Using nzxt fan controller i turned it off over night and my case was 45C the next morning and a core shut itself down I think due to it being inside my bookshelf crevice on the desk, exhaust went straight to intake on top and never dissipated. Have megaflow 200mm coming in the next few days, hopefully this one wont buzz.


CPU (Q6600@3.2ghz) temp is about the same as with my A50 from corsair, 35C idle, 54C full load but the waterblock was cheap and I used arctic silver 5.


I wasted about 8" of tubing trying to get it cut to the right lengths, maybe that isn't an issue.


The radiators came with short short screws, I had to order M4 35mm screws in order to get through my fans and the case. The fans had nubs on them which made them more like 27mm instead of 25mm, I filed them down some.


About to install some LEDs in the res and sleeve the cables behind the case, not sure why all the power, reset, and LEDs weren't together to begin with, probably for more customization.


Probably forgot to mention some stuff so feel free to ask questions, I get bored occasionally at work and will answer.

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did the megaflow fit in the front panel ok? is it the same size as the corsair fan? are the mounting holes ok? whats the air flow like?


The holes were fine, no adjustments necessary. The airflow is less than I would like... not very much flow with my accurate "put hand behind fan and feel flow" measurement. I think if i cut the mesh it would be significantly better, removing just the filter makes a noticeable difference. It is MUCH quieter, even with regular stock fan screws. It won't fit with the hard drive cages in their default position. I am looking for a good quiet fan with a higher capacity that will fit in the stock holes and a higher full voltage rpm that I could control. I will end up putting a rad in the place too and using push pull for intake. Sad that intel is pushing back release of 2011 socket :(

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ahahah liked the ""put hand behind fan and feel flow" measurement." part.

IMHO tubes are way too large, and the crossing of tubes dont look that great either...

why did you move everthing near the psu? (hdd's and pump)


you could have done the circuit the other way arround. (proving you put the hdd's near the fan)

-> pump at the bottom (with the inlet port facing the MB tray); Vga; 120mm rad; cpu; 240 rad and finally reservoir.


yes the cpu temps would probably suffer a little bit (just a few degrees) but to me, the overall looks would more than compensate for that :)

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