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600T SE vs. 650D: Anyone have both?


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I will be buying two new cases for a new build and an upgrade build. I am looking at purchasing both a 600T SE and a 650D. My question is, do any of you have both cases and can comment on the Pros and Cons of each?


I would expect that owners of one or the other would love what they have, so I was hoping to get the opinions of people that own both and can truly compare/contrast them based on personal experience with each.


"On paper" they have many of the same features so I wanted to see if there are any hidden gotchas, or nice surprises that don't really come out in the specifications.



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I have both of the cases now. While I am still in the process of building these out, there a few things I would mention to people that are considering them both:


1) My 650D arrived with a couple small chips in the paint by the front bezel. I would suspect that this case may be a bit more vulnerable to long term to wear and tear, so be careful about banging things into it like the side of a desk or something if you are moving it around.


2) While both cases are great for cable management, be aware that there are a LOT of wires to deal with from the front of the chassis. The 650D actually has more, see next note.


3) The 650D has individual wires for all of the front connectors (power, reset, hdd, etc.) These are a pain to deal with and require you to pretty much bundle them together every few inches unless you want it messy. The 600T SE has a single nice cable that all of those wires are run inside of. I don't know why Corsair didn't do this for the 650D. The 650D also has an extra USB3 cable, and power and data cables for the top SATA drive slot. Again, just be mindful that it will take extra effort and creativity to manage the cables in the 650D vs. the 600T SE.


4) While some people may not like plastic pieces, I actually think the 600T SE front bezel is easier to work with and feels more sturdy than the 650D. This might just be personal preference though.


5) The size of the cases differ. The 650D is the largest ATX case I have seen. The 600T SE is a good size case, but it isn't quite as large.



Hope this information is useful, and I will try to update this post once my builds are fully completed and I have had some time to gather input on other things like fan noise, cooling levels, etc.

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A quick update to this.


I can tell that there is slightly more space behind the motherboard in the 600T SE than the 650D. This might not be a problem if you don't have many wires to run beyond the usual stuff, but can get hectic if you have lots of drives or 2/3 video cards (see my home server build in the build forum).


Maybe I am a bit spoiled or have higher standards now because of these cases, but in all honesty if I had to do it again I would probably just get two of the 600T cases. It's not that the 650D is a bad case at all, because it isn't, it just has a few annoyances that I haven't found in the 600T.

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Haha I hear ya...it's rough when you are choosing between such great cases :)


Thanks so much for your comments on the 2 cases. I have been trying to decide between the 2 and reading the thread has been a great help.

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I own the black 600T but have not completed a build in it yet because I'm waiting for Bulldozer to come out next month.


So far I've installed a psu, 2 HDD's, 1 SSD, and 1 Blu-Ray burner.


I can't comment on the fans or the noise levels but from what I've experienced so far: the tool-less drive bays are awesome, the interior is very roomy for 3-way SLI/Crossfire X, I like the ability to move the hard drive cages or remove them, the psu bracket/area is very nice, dust filters look great.


I purchased the optional windowed and meshed side panels.


Only complaint I had so far was that it uses that retarded USB 3.0 cable that passes out the back of your PCI slots and loops back towards the motherboard but... I fixed that problem and ordered a USB 3.0 front header adaptor so now i'm going to run the cable through the back of the mobo and into the cable routing grommet then into the board directly :)




I vote you buy 2 600T's, one black and one special edition white.


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