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Question about PSU finder tool


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When I provide all the necessary input to determine what is a good fit for a Corsair PSU, what are the results aiming to do? Meaning, are the suggestions meant to hit optimal power efficiency? Lowest power supply rating, but still meeting the requirements specified?


What it comes down to, is that I like the suggestions but it doesn't leave me with much of an understanding of why it chose the PSUs that it did.


If I am looking for optimal power efficiency, should I be trying to find a power supply that is double what my requirements are, to try and hit the 50% rating that many PSUs use for efficiency ratings?


I am looking at going with the AX series PSUs, but i want to be sure to get the most efficient one for the requirements I have, but I also don't just want to get the biggest one if I don't have to (save money of course).



Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me -- I know my description is a little wordy and/or vague...

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The list will contain PSU's that will meet the power require meet of that configuration for power requirements. However, it also includes models that would allow for future expansion. So if you Know you will never upgrade that configuration want a unit that will work select one of the smaller size units.

But if you know for example that you will add a new or second Video card make your choice accordingly and select one of the larger units.

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