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Hello all.


Big Corsair fan here. I see that the Force 3 nightmare you guys had is coming to an end and the new Force 3's are hitting the shops :)


My question is, what is the eta on Force GT hitting the shops here in the UK? Surely you can give us a hint? :)


Will it be June/July?


Also, not many Force 3 reviews online apart from the kit guru one. Now that the new Force 3's are out, should we be expecting some reviews next week? Have Force GT review units been sent out?


Thank guys, keep up the good work ::pirate::

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We are very limited on what we can officially say about upcoming or unreleased products. Also, there are so many variables such as shipping time from Asia to the US, customs, time in the distribution channel, etc etc.


All we can say at this time is "soon". My estimate is in weeks.

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