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Corsair Graphite 600T Side panel


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I just recently bought Corsair 600t case and so far I feel very satisfied with the spacious room inside. It's really easy to install everything compare to my previous antec 300.

So I'm having issue with the airflow of my 2x gtx 570 sli graphics card temperature. It's a lot higher than when I used antec 300 case. Also the store didn't carry the new white Corsair 600t that gives you an option to install fans on the side panel.


Can any corsair associates/employees help me if I can purchase just the side panel for my Corsair 600t?


I work in Fremont everyday so please give me a quote on the price if you do have extra side panel stored at the headquarter:biggrin:


Just one more thing to clarify, white corsair 600t side panel should fit just fine with black corsair 600t, right?

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