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New SSD generation not working in 800D HDD bays ??


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Hi All,


Just got myself a Vertex 3 120GB SSD (after having to send the new Cosair F 3 120 back to be replaced!


I been trying for hours to get it working in the lowest of the HDD bays in my Corsair 800D tower, without any luck. If I connect it directly and not in the bays, it works just fine.


But as soon as I put it in the HDD hotswop bays, it won't boot, but just either hangs or keep rebooting forever. It never gets to trying to load windows. I can see it in Bios though.


So I wonder if these new HDD's from Corsair and OCZ SSD's are not working in the 800D drive bays without some sort of update ? And if so, what is it that I need to update, to get it working ?


Hoping someone can help me out here, since I really want to have my SSD's in the HDD bays, and not just sit inside the case. I'm pretty clueless to what the problem might be here..


Thanks in advice..

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Just a fast follow-up question: is there any way of knowing whether its included from looking at the card board box? I asked several e-retailers and they had the 800D but other than that they were a recent arrival, they said they couldn't tell from the box.


From reading on NewEgg, its a hit-and-miss whether one ends up with the updated version or with the older. I live in Europe and would hate the hassle of spending an extra $50 or more to get the needed parts if I end up with the older 800D.


Thanks again!

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