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Corsair Force F40 CSSD-F40GB2 Questions


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Hello everybody at corsair !


I'm happy to say that today, my Brand new XPS 17 run with a boot drive of corsair force f40. The booting speed is simply... AMAZING. I'm really happy with the unit ! Programs launch within a matter of a second !


I do have question on the product, however, as i never owned an SSD before.


1) How can i be SURE that trim is fully working ?

2) How can i update the firmware of the F40, and how to know if it needs an update

3) Why is my SSD is appearing like if its could be defragmented ? I readed somewhere that if it was appearing like being able to defrag, the system wasn't recognizing it correctly


4) I tested the drive with HD tune to see the speed of reading - i get 230 mb/s ( Which is really good ! ) But not the promised speed which is suposed to be something like 280 mb/sec. Why ?


Thanks for all your answers in advance.



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Thanks for this Wired !


Atto showed better result : really awesome ^^. 260 mb/sec reading and 280 mb/sec writing


Just saying, what is the rate of failure of this drive ? I'm not worried to lose data since it's on the 2nd drive of my laptop but i'd just like to know !


Thanks again for your help !

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