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Occasional boot problems with Force F60 (fw 2.0)


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I installed a Force F60 SSD in in older Athlon 3800+ system to increase the performance of that system.


Generally it seems that this trial has been successful. That system had been slowed down by an old misconfigured Win XP installation, but now it just rocks with the F60 and Windows 7 Professional x32! :D:


There is only one problem which appears sometimes: With an estimated success rate of >95%, the system boots up fine. But occasionally, the BIOS can't find an OS (Windows) on the SSD. Then I get a "boot device failure" message on the screen. In most of this cases, the SSD has been named on the drive list of the POST screen before; in rare cases it doesn't even appear there.


After that, the BIOS behaves quite annoying and puts the SSD on the 3rd or 4th rank of the internal HDD list (due to 'no OS' on this drive). So further boot up trials fail unless I enter the BIOS setup and move the SSD back to the first position of the HDD list. After that step, everything works fine again for the next days and weeks.


Obvoiusly the SSD seems to have occasional problems initializing itself correctly and fast enough. Personally, I could live with that behaviour but there are other users who I don't want fixing up things within the BIOS setup.


I wonder if there is any solution for this problem. The mainboard of the system, an Asus A8NE-FM, is several years old and I don't expect any BIOS upgrade anymore. But perhaps some firmware upgrade of the SSD could help me?



-Corsair CSSD-F60GB2 ATA device, firmware 2.0, one partition, 12 GB of 48.7 GB in use, attached to SATA0 of

-Asus A8NE-FM with Nvidia NForce4,

-Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+;

-1GB RAM (Dual Channel),

-Seagate SATA HDD, 250 GB, one partition, for usual daily work and data (SATA1)

-old Seagate PATA HDD, 120 GB, one partition, from old computer: dump, old data, backup, experiments...

-2x optical disc drive (LG), 1x 3,5" floppy :roll:

-Phoenix/Award BIOS

-Windows 7 x32 Professional

(-GeForce 6600, Realtek Audio...)

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