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SSD Corsair Force F80A too slow


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I recently purchased the Corsair Force F80A ssd and I did some testing to see the speed of reading/writing (280MB/s and 270MB/s) and I noticed that it is too slow.

This is a screen of what I say:




Below I write what I did to make it work:


- Enabled Jmicron ahci from bios

- Enabled TRIM

- Follow this guide


Motherboard: XFX nForce 790i Ultra

SSD: Corsair Force F80A CSSD-F80GB2-BRKT-A


Anyone can help me?


p.s. Before to try this I downloaded and installed nForce drivers. Then, since the SSD was slow and I formatted and tried another way.


sorry for my bad english

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Most of the drives of your model came with the latest version but you can check the firmware version with CrystalDiskInfo if it is 2.0 or greater then you have the latest version.


CrystalDiskMark measures random writes and reads. ATTO tests sequential speeds, hence the difference.

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