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New Force 3 120GB Stock on Newegg


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Hi, new to the forums here.


I noticed Newegg now has the Force 3 120GB SSD back in stock.


Q: Are those F3's the new and corrected/problem free drives, or are they still the ones subject to recall?


Q: Will they need a firmware upgrade before OS (Win7 Pro 64bit) installation?


Q: Is it possible to have the Force 3 and a Mechanical Hard Drive (300GB VeloRaptor) in a Dual Boot setup?


Reason is I already have the 300GB Velo. with Win7 Ult. 64bit and would like to add the Force 3 for an extra OS with a maximum of 4 programs - CS5, Vegas Studio, BC2... and BF3. I had a Dual Boot setup before with XP and Vista, then switched it to XP and Win7. I dropped XP last year as I no longer used it, so my PC is a single OS now.


Thanks for your time and help.

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