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TX850W Thermal controlled fan or not ?


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I had a TX 650 and it was really quiet . I invested alot of money in my PC to keep it silent and now I upgraded to a TX 850W and it's by far the loudest component in my case , it doesn't sound like it has a defective fan , it's just like a 140mm fan at full speed all the time . The TX 650 was getting louder under load but this one is running the fan at 100% all the time . I don't get it , it's the same series , shoudn't it have the same thermal controlled fan ?

The product is this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139009 , should I submit a RMA or this is normal because this model doesn't have a thermal controlled fan ?

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I was going to start my own thread but thought I'd bump yours as I have the same problem. I actually have the TX650 V2 in a new build, and I spent time researching things and lots of money making sure I ended up with a quiet system. Well unfortunately my new PSU is the loudest part of it. Like you say smokiedabong, the fan doesn't sound defective at all - It's just the air noise of a fan spinning that's causing the noise, so it is as if it isn't temperature controlled. I have 2 120mm non-ballbearing fans in my case that are spinning at a medium sort of speed and can barely be heard, so why does the TX650 V2 140mm double ball-bearing fan need to spin so fast that it's so loud, without even much of a load on it?


I don't want to RMA it as it's a real pain to do that, and I can't be without my PC for however long that would take. My only option would be to have a new one sent first so I could swap it over. However, I don't believe my PSU is actually faulty, but more that it's designed this way - Unless the temperature control is faulty. It is annoying as it's a lovely PSU otherwise, very well built and impressively packed with excellent cabling.


Even my old twin fan Q-Tec Gold with 2 80mm (I think) fans were less noisy than this, and my 2 tiny GPU fans that are just ticking over even under moderate load cannot be heard. I don't mean to make out that the PSU fan is deafening - It's just the loudest thing in my system by far and makes the money I spent on making sure the rest of it is quiet, somewhat wasted.


Is there ANYTHING at all that can be done to slow the fan down, without breaking the warranty and adding a resistor in series with the fan, which I'll avoid doing unless it's my last resort?

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