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TX850w Fan Always On


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I built a new system about 3 weeks ago and I've noticed that the fan on my TX850 is always on.


As soon as I turn on my power bar the PSU fan starts up, even before I hit the case power button. I didn't really think much of this until I left the computer unattended for a couple of hours yesterday, and when I came back the computer had entered sleep mode, but the PSU fan was still going. Computer came out of sleep mode with no problems, but when I entered sleep again manually the fan still stayed on.


I also shutdown the computer, turned off the power bar and then switched off the PSU power switch. When the power bar is turned on the fan and computer stayed off (so power switch is working fine). As soon as I turn the PSU power switch on the fan starts up. After the computer is turned off and the power bar is switched off, I can still hear the fan going for 8 seconds until it stops (I assume this is just capacitors draining).


When I googled this to find out whether this was normal behaviour, I found conflicting reports, some saying it's normal for the fan to be always on and others saying this is not normal.


So my question is... Is this normal for the TW850w fan to be running all the time or not?



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