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Corsair 8GB (2X4GB) blue


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Hello i just got this kit and tried to instal them but when i have both the RAM's in the motherboard the pc wont boot or anything.


It only works with 1 RAM in any slot, it dont matter what RAM i use or what slot it's in it seems.. only when both are in i get these problems.


Someone shed a light on this? :(:


Edit: It's a Vengeance kit, the blue version if that matter

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you can try resetting the bios to defaults with one stick and then install the 2nd and see if it will post.

try unplugging and remove the battery for 10 minutes and reinstall everything and test.

you can also check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if there is a newer bios version that may play nice with the new ram.


lots of stuff to try, dont get discouraged!!


also PLEASE fill in your system specs so i can see exactly what you have :)

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Just tried setting bios back to default but the pc wouldnt boot with both RAM's still.


Will look at the Asus page and see for any updates there, by the way a guy i know said it could be a volt? problem, that there isnt enough volt for both and told me to try turn it up.


Any truth in that and if so, how would i go about doing it?


Edit: Any risks in doing it?:sigh!:

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Update: It worked! :D:


I am not sure why it did but i placed the second RAM right next to the other one and now im up from 4GB to 8GB.


Checked BIOS and in windows, its there :sunglasse



Thanks anyway for help!.

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