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New AX1200W


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Just got my new AX1200 up and running and I find it louder than my HX 1000.

Should this be the case?


I couldn't even hear the HX but I can hear this AX over my 4 radiator fans.

It's not super loud but I thought it was going to be quiet like the HX.


EDIT: There's also a feint, high pitched, continuous sound coming from it too, it becomes annoying after a while.


Thanks :)

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Installed my new AX1200 today, same exact annoying noise.

I can't believe Corsair have produced a unit this bad after owning two near silent, units prior to buying this PoS.


Enermax, here I come, this PoS is going back to the shop ASAP.


Corsair, you should recall this PSU if you care about the name you have built up.

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