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asked for RMA 3 times...no response


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I applied for an RMA (for a part for my my Obsidian 650D) through the dedicated RMA page 3 times in the last week (9th, 10th and 14th of June), and have not gotten a reply/confirmation mail yet.


The page mentions I can expect a reply within 24 hours, but I guess I'm unlucky.


Is my application even being handled?

As I've not gotten any reply, i don't have a case ID either...


Hope you can help me out, thanks!

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Hmm...didn't notice the case id there, expected it to be given upon completion of the form to be honest.


I didn't get any confirmation emails though, that much is certain.


I got a confirmation of registering as a user on the website, a confirmation of confirming my email address by clicking a link, but nothing from applying for an RMA.


I can understand being backed up, but a simple confirmation can be (should be?) auto-send.

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  • Corsair Employees

And they are automated so you should have a conformation please check your spam filter to be sure and the reply to address is No_reply@TSX

And I see all three requests and two of which have been sent to spare parts but you have not completed the address information so these request will likely not be processed.

I have sent you a message on case# 2084983

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Hi Ramguy,


I am sure there has not been any confirmation email received before, there are no filters in effect other than my ISPs automatic filters.

It's doubtful they would consider the confirmations spam, but not impossible I guess.


I did however just receive 2 RMA mails 45 minutes ago (one of which has the number you mentioned above, the other a different number) for which I'm grateful.

I've completed the requested info on the 2084983 and I'll follow the instructions and hope to have my otherwise excellent 650D case in proper order again soon!:biggrin:


Thanks again!!

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Hey Ram Guy,


I did as discussed, completed my RMA request on 6/15, received a confirmation with message to wait for further instructions from Corsair but nothing after that.

It's been over a week and I'm wondering when I'm going to hear something.


Just to be sure, I once again accessed ticket 2084983

and re-send the request in the hope of getting something going at Corsairs' end.


Maybe you can tell me what's going on?



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