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Add RAM or Just Startover


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I am an old guy trying to learn new tricks, ie getting up to speed with comp tech. especially the hardware end of things.

The 4 GB (2-2GB) RAM I purchased for orig build was suggested from MO BO website. I now see that that RAM is not what was suggested by Corsair. The comp runs but am not sure if it is running efficently etc. My dilemma is that I am adding a software program that works okay with 8GB of RAM but 12 GB is optimal.


1.Should I junk that original RAM and go with what was suggested by Corsair and get 2-4gb sticks and live with acceptable performance.

2. Use existing and add 2-4GB sticks and have something that works very well for my application


As stated earlier I am trying to learn, my comp tech level is low. I have started to learn BIOS terminology and how they correlate with each other but I may be dead by the time I completely figure it out by myself.


Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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it is highly suggested and supported to only use one single kit of ram per motherboard of the capacity you desire.

mixing 2 or more sets is not supported and have less than a 50% chance of working correctly.


http://www2.corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=1449452 suggests only an 8 gig kit is the maximum capacity kit tested and supported on that board however, a CMP16GX3M4A1600C9 16 gig kit appears on Corsairs PhenomII suggested ram list. http://www.corsair.com/memory/amd-memory-solutions/phenom-ii/cmp16gx3m4a1600c9.html


otherwise i would use the first link i suggested to choose a single 8 gig kit from that list.

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