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Ok, this build log is going to start out with a little history as this isn't a new foray into system building for me. I typically build a new super system every year around August or at the very least replace my core components. This year I decided to do it a bit early, as a result i configured the build that is listed in my specs. As of early May everything was in and I started building my system. I typically order my components in stages, as 3-4k is a lot to shell out all at once, with the process usually going: peripherals-->storage--> pwr supply & case--> mem and cpu--> mobo and gfx. The stars we aligned with this build as I managed to get everything over the course of a month and a half. My mobo came in on a Thursday, just in time for some weekend fun. I put everything together only to find out tat the mobo is DOA, since all other components had been tested prior they were ruled out as culprits. I took this as a sign and decided to wait for new tech. After returning my mobo for refund, I have managed to sell off my CPU, Memory, SSDs, and my two WD 1.5 Blacks. The optical drives and remaining HDDs will be carried over to the new build and I'll be getting two more WD 2TB Blacks to round out my storage, and two Raptors for my system since the SSDs didn't really provide me with the performance to cost ratio I was looking for. So in the mean time, while I'm waiting for new tech, I'll be modding the isht out of my case. I've decided that this is going to be my last personal build since this, hands down, has become one of the most expensive and time consuming hobbies that I currently have, and from now on, I'll be only building systems for clients, friends, etc. With that in mind and with the recent happenings I decided to name this build Project Revelation. And away we go.....










First things first! I love the 650D, perfect case with the exception of the oddly placed side window. So I figure, it has to go... I have a buddy that also ordered a 650D but his side panel came damaged. I took it from him not really sure what I would do with it, but now I know. I'm going to fashion a new side panel with a more mod friendly window. It will show the MOBO, but hide PSU and HDD and optical drives. Pics will be put up as I go along, and get things done... P.S. I do work a full time job and have a little angel so updates won't be made constantly but not at a snails pace either... as I'm very anxious to get this done but I do have other priorities as well, so please keep that in mind and stay tuned!

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