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Asus Rampage Extreme and CMZ4GX3M2A1600C9


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Can someone tell me if the Vengence CMZ4GX3M2A1600C9 will work on a ASUS Rampage Extreme 1. Its an old board now but still one of the best, Ive had DDR2 800 Dominators running in it for the past couple of years and Ive finally decided to go DDR3. I know this board runs memory at 1600Mhz and will even do 1800 and 2000Mhz overclocked. I checked the memory Compatibility tool and it doesnt give much choice for the board yet the spec of this memory is pretty much the same. Also the memory configurator doesnt give half of the memory modules that I know work with the board which is crazy. So Im here asking if this dual set will not only work but will it also work in both banks giving 8Gb in total.


My spec is ASUS Rampage Extreme, Intel QX6850, Gainward 8800GTX. The processor will be overclocked using the multiplier at about 3.8ghz. Im aware that the processor runs are 1333Mhz and the memory Im looking at is 1600Mhz but because this memory will be used in this machine I want it to also be usable in the future when I upgrade.



Edit : Ive put 2 x4gb on the title but was a mistake the module in question is 2x2GB :)

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Thanks for that RamGuy much appreciated so I can take it from that that it will work without problem and so will run at the max FSB of the QX6850 which is 1333Mhz as I know from past experience Ram normally runs fine at a lower speed so I can go ahead and buy 2 x 2x2Gb and so therefore get the max for the board at 8gb?
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