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Corsair H60 Mounting (Top of case)


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Hi, i was wondering something.


I recently got an H60 as i wanted a new cooler that wasn't something that covered the whole mobo and could be kept out of sight, the thing is i'm wondering about were to mount it, i have a Hiper Anubis PC case.




As you can see in the picture it has a fan mount at the top center of the case, the great thing is after checking i can have the intake sat in that fan slot and have the radiator horizontally flush with the very top of the case (on the inside) and i can have an extra fan pulling the air through (standard push/pull setup) so the entire cooler can't be seen at all as the top bar inside the case covers it.


What i'm wondering is, is this ok for the cooler? (to be mounted horizontally) as i'm worried about the water level inside the radiator, in nearly every review i read/watched and on the documentation itself they all have the radiator mounted vertically on the back of the case.


Thanks for any info.

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Nevermind, i found the H50 FAQ.


Q: Do I need to mount the H50 in any particular way?

A: We have found that for the best cooling, you will want to have the fan pulling air from outside the case and pushing it through the radiator. The orientation of the radiator does not matter, and depending on your particular system and case, you can try other configurations to see if your results improve.

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