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Corsair PSU and APC UPS questions


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I have a 620HX PSU and an APC 1000VAC UPS.


I wonder if the 620HX is enough for a Core i5-2500K and a single Geforce GTX580/Radeon HD6970.


I also thought of upgrading to an AX-850.


Do I need this upgrade if I have a Z68 – i5-2500K – HD6970 combination?


If this upgrade is necessary, do I need to move to a 1500VAC UPS as well?


What should be the VAC of the APC UPS in order to support an AX-850 PSU?


I am asking this question keeping the PFC of the AX-850 in mind. Is a 1000 VAC UPS enough for the AX-850?




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When using an APC or battery back up you will want to use a PURE Sign Wave unit only with any PSU using Active PFC it it may not be stable.

And you need to add all of the devices that will be plugged into the APC/BBU and then add 20% is my suggestion. However APC/and BBU units may require more than this depending on the unit as you will need the allow for the maximum or full load 100% of the time. Many of these units have a Max continuous load rating that is much less then the actual unit rating.

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