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Help with Cosair Nova 32GB SSD

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I have a CSSD-V32GB2 running as my main drive in an Asus G50 laptop. I had it about 5-6 months when the performance dropped. I came here and found out how to do a secure erase using Partition Magic. I performed the erase and reinstalled windows, tested drive and all was fine. Now maybe 2-3 months later it has happened again. I was just wondering if this is normal? What is the time frame I'm looking at to have to keep redoing this? I haven't even hardly used this laptop during this last time period. I have attached a link to my screenshot showing Atto test, Windows version, and the fact trim and AHCI are enabled on Intel ICH9M-E controller.

Thanks in advance for any help/info!

P.S. I have left about 10% free space on the drive unformatted. I also have done/tried all the normal tweaks in Windows all with little to no effect.


Link To Screenshot

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